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Cosmetic Surgery Glendale is an accredited and certified boutique Surgery Center located in Glendale, California. Our Medical Spa Center is designed to provide patients with the utmost privacy and comfort. Cosmetic Surgery Glendale is the vision of renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Vatche B. Bardakjian, MD. For over thirty (30) years he has been a pioneer and innovator in the world of cosmetic surgery for both women and men. Dr. Vatche Bardakjian and our medical spa offer a wide variety of procedures from Botox and filler treatments to total body makeovers.

Our patient friendly website will help you explore the exciting and ever changing world of cosmetic enhancements. Cosmetic surgery has become a popular way to shave years off your facial appearance and improve your body contour. However, the following should be considered prior to any cosmetic surgery.

Your expectations:

Anticipate improvement, not perfection!!


Surgical complications are possible, but unlikely during cosmetic surgery


Following cosmetic surgery you may need a few days to several weeks to fully recover. It is important to understand the physical effects, as well as how the surgery might affect certain aspects of your personal and professional life.

Expense :

Most cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance plans. The cost will depend on the procedure and the follow-up care and additional corrective procedures.

Schedule a free consultation today with Dr. Vatche Bardakjian at Cosmetic Surgery Glendale.

During your free private consultation with Dr. Bardakjian you will be able to discuss your specific expectations and concerns associated with each procedure. Prior to performing any procedure, Dr. Bardakjian will make certain that you are fully informed and comfortable with your decision. To schedule your free consultation please call Cosmetic Surgery Glendale at (818) 247-4894.


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